Welcome to Weca 4x4 Warehouse

Weca 4x4 Warehouse in South Africa will radically alter the worlds view on trailers and change the face of trailers in South Africa forever. 

The better option - no matter what you drive

Weca 4x4 Warehouse has derived a new concept in optimal space saving, the brand new Weca Carrier. Compact, multi-purpose and user friendly, the new carrier attaches to any vehicle, including off-road, caravans and motor-homes by latching onto the tow-hitch. No more extra fuel for trailers or extra money towards maintanance on the old trailer.

Lightweight and compact

Contrary to popular beliefs, the Weca Carrier is extremely lightweight and sturdy. It's construction is solidly modeled in fiber glass, providing an aerodynamic and maintenance free car carrier. The carrier is available in white, grey & black but a color match to your vehicle can also be performed if desired. Tests regarding wind-drag have been carried out and passed with flying colours. Absolutely no noise or a pull-and-jerk effect, most often associated with caravans or trailers, is created by the carrier. This space-saving concept will undoubtedly appeal to house wives and most people requiring extra space when camping without the inconvenience of a trailer. The carrier strictly rules out jackknifing.

Unique advantage

The many attributes include: no tyres, license or registration fees and requires no extra parking space, so your camping site will never be too small. The carrier will be a definite benefit to the handyman due to it's lockable capability. The carrier is locked onto the vehicle and can't be stolen.

Wide range

The Weca range consists of four models, the Carrier available in 3 different sizes, Cooler Box, the Weca Braai and the Dog Carrier, so you can even take the dog with on camping trips. The factory is situated in Centurion, south of Pretoria and produce several units daily. The demand for carriers have increased on a daily basis since it's introduction to the South African market. Weca 4x4 Warehouse require agents throughout South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world. The purchase of a franchise or agency includes the service of a Centurion based company that caters for marketing requirements on a local or international level, linked to the Internet.


A Weca Carrier is amazingly easy to install because it is so light (yet sturdy). One person can easily install it onto the towbar. The weca carrier varies between 220 – 440 litres with a load capacity of 70kg on towbar rating.
However because it is so roomy that it can accommodate a huge amount of luggage, it is difficult to install when full (because it is heavy!) So... only fill the Weca Carrier when you've already hitched it up.


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